All Aboard for Cancer Support

On November 2  2013, the Wollondilly Cancer Support Group hosted a high tea on the Newcastle Flyer.

3 carriages full of happy train goers boarded the train at Thirlmere with wines, juices and bubbly on hand to set the atmosphere.

Between Thirlmere and Couridjah, they were served a variety of delectable sandwiches to compliment the drinks.

Unfortunately, the train was held up by a band of bushrangers as it arrived in Couridjah, brandishing pistols and bad attitudes.

They demanded a ransom in the form of monetary donations in return for the local trooper's life.

This became all too much for one of the lady passengers, who was well into the family way when she boarded, and found her herself

in the early stages of labour.  She was quickly escorted from the train and taken to hospital.

All passengers reboarded and their shattered nerves calmed considerably by the melodious voice and guitar of the very talented Liam.

Alighting again at the next stop, Buxton, the passengers were escorted to the Buxton Hall for dancing to the harmonious strains of Greg Newton tretinoin cream 05 cialis online

and his band.

Back on the train again for the return journey, passengers were treated to afternoon tea comprising of tea and coffee and a delicious assortment of


The afternoon was declared a huge success particularly when news was received of the safe and happy birth of little Knox. 

We all wish his parents a wonderful life together and hope they remember the train ride that instigated his arrival.

Visit our gallery page for photoes.




Planning is under way for next year's fund raiser and we hope to hold it on a steam powered locomotive, weather permitting.
Keep checking back on the site for a date which is likely to be in the early part of the year.

The Wollondilly Cancer Support Group is now developing the plans for another train ride in the early part of 2016.
Keep an eye on out web site for the date when it comes up.

The Wollondilly Cancer Support Group is in the planning stage of another train journey in 2016 to raisemuch needed funds to assist in supporting the Wollondilly community who have been affected by cancer.
Keep an eye on the web site to find out the date, which should be in the first half of the year, and put it in your diary.

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