About Us


OUR  PURPOSE  is to support services to the people in the Wollondilly Shire who  are or may have been suffering from the affects of a cancer illness be it the patient or  family members/carers of that patient. 

OUR AIM is to provide: 

  1. Emotional Support: Patients and families in cancer households undergo varying degrees of stress, both physical and mental. Members of the group ,often  as cancer sufferers themselves , can provide mutual support to others through sharing experiences, offering advice to carers, listening to others and simply by just being there. 

  2. Physical Support:  With hospital visits, work concerns and conflicting demands on all family members, normal duties about the home can be neglected over long periods. Members of the group may be able to offer assistance in a number of ways such as house care, gardening, washing/ironing, shopping, garbage removal, pet care and house minding.  cialis uk

  3. Financial Support: At critical times being able to provide normally accepted levels of house hold support may be over whelming. Medical bills, medicines, transport, dietary requirements all place heavy demands on the family budget. The group is prepared to consider cases of hardship and to assist wherever possible within prescribed limits. It may be possible to provide immediate payments for phone bills, electricity accounts, taxi fares and in some cases assist with funeral expenses.