When you are new to a support group you may feel anxiety about what to do or how to act. After a very short time, you will probably feel like "one of the family". In general, people are often surprised at how comfortable they feel even if they never saw themselves as a 'support group' kind of person. We suggest you come to Wollondilly Cancer Support Group for at least three or four times before deciding if it is not right for you.


Be Cool, Be a Wollondilly Resident that makes a difference

Helping in any way you can to help those members of our Community that are in need of our support.

You may be only able to give 1 hour a month – that’s great. Do not feel you have to give more of your time than you comfortably can. Most of us work full time; have families and homes to take care of.

We understand that time is precious.

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Are you able to donate for raffles?

Do you have good ideas?

Can you offer support and advice?

Can you sell raffle tickets or fund raising ideas i.e. Cadburys Chocolate?



Are you in need of support?

Let us know how we can help and we’ll do our best to fulfill your needs.